Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas Trees In Seoul: Millennium Seoul Hilton

Following my posts on the light show at the Shinsegae Department Store and those dazzling Christmas lights of Lotte Department Store, let's take a detour and get indoors this time.

Last week, after grabbing a meal at Seoul Square, the location of the Korean drama, Misaeng, my friend Andy and I walked up towards Namsan. I earlier told him that I needed to take photographs of Millennium Seoul Hilton's Christmas decorations to add to my Christmas posts.

After our lunch, we grabbed coffee from the Twosome Place coffee shop at the ground floor, and headed out to the freezing -4'C degrees outdoors. We had to walk past the garden at the back of Seoul Square to get to the hotel, but when we got there, we were greeted by a giant Christmas tree that's filled up with lights straight up to its top. This 10-meter tree looked majestic right in the middle of the hotel lobby, bathing in everyone's attention and thousands of little lights.

But what was more fun to watch were the toy trains running around the lower lobby of the hotel. These trains are actually a hit with kids during the weekends when there's a Santa Claus at the corner with whom they can have photos.

On each train and on the miniature buildings were names of the companies who may have sponsored this installation. When I was a kid, I also had a toy train but whose tracks were just about a foot in diameter. This one had tracks that meandered around the four corners of the floor and with several trains running on it. Decorated white to resemble snow, the slopes on which the tracks run even had skiers!

                          (A Santa doll from the Philippines)
I wonder what chaos there is during weekends when this place is full of kids mesmerized by these toy trains. But I guess, with Santa Claus around to compete for their attention, it's all about fun. And of course, Christmas.  

Have a fun weekend around the tree, everyone!

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