Monday, 5 January 2015

Pasko, Pastries And Pinas!

Looks like everyone is still recovering my the Christmas ('Pasko' in Pilipino) holidays, which included lots of family reunions and parties that involved lots of eating.

For me, while I am home in the Philippines having a vacacion grande, enjoying my favorite pastries and cakes is always part of my itinerary. Since I go home only once or twice a year, I always indulge on the best pastries of the islands and not worry about any weight gain. After all, life is short. And so is my Christmas vacation. Ha-ha-ha!

For all Filipino balikbayans like me flying into the archipelago during these holidays, spending time with family and seeing old friends are a priority. That's why most of the time I just stay at home and stay close to the dinner table. Close to my Felicia's chocolate cake, brazo de mercedes (thanks, Tita Gamay!), home-made ham (thanks, Tita Helen!), napoleones (from Roli's) and some other pastries, that is!

                                 (Felicia's chocolate espresso cake)

             (Felicia's chocolate cake and macaroons)

Although it was mostly good weather during the holidays, a visit from Typhoon Seniang didn't dampen the spirit of the islands; only the travel plans of those wanting to go back to their provinces. I would have wanted to visit my cousins in Iloilo City had the typhoon not cancelled the ferry trips between Iloilo and Bacolod City.

                                 (Arroz valenciana on a celadon plate 
                       from Eden's Pottery in Itaewon)

                       (Dark clouds of Typhoon Seniang)

Well, as I am about to end my vacation here in the tropical temperatures of the Philippines, I wish to tell all my friends back in Seoul that I am not yet too excited to join them in the freezing temperatures of winter. Here, I wear shorts everyday! Ha-ha-ha!

                    (My mom prepared her traditional fruits 
                                   for the new year)
                      (Fireworks on new year's eve at the city plaza!)

                  (I forgot the official name of this Felicia's cake, 
                      but I can't forget the yumminess!)

And although I landed in the Philippines with a minor medical problem a couple of weeks back, I wish to fly back to Korea without a hitch, and without an excess baggage charge. I hope my eardrums would hold up on my next flight; I should write and thank the NAIA3 doctor and nurse who gave me some medical assistance at NAIA3 on my next blog.

                                                  (Napoleones from Roli's)
                                             (Pancit malabon from El Ideal)
                     (Brazo de mercedes with extra filling)

And on this first blog of the year, I wish everyone a safer, more prosperous 2015! Let's all learn the mistakes made in the past years, and make sure they don't happen again. And I am not talking about weight loss diets. Ha-ha-ha!

Happy new year, everyone!

                     (Blue tropical skies over my city!)

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