Sunday, 18 January 2015

Pope Francis: From South Korea To The Philippines!

 (My commemorative stamps of Pope Francis' visit to Korea)

During Pope Francis's visit to Korea in August 2014, the Korea Post printed commemorative stamps for his visit. Since I wanted this souvenir, I went to the Korea Post's main building near Myeongdong and right across the Shinsegae Department Store, and purchased a few sheets days after they started selling them.

Today, in Manila, Philippines, Pope Francis is saying a Mass at Luneta Park, and I guess I wanted to be there, too, along with millions of Catholics and Pope Francis fans.

So, I just watch the livestreaming over the Internet here in Seoul to celebrate with everyone else while having my Pope Francis bookmarks on hand. These bookmarks, by the way, were made out of the Pope Francis commemorative stamps I bought in Seoul.

All these months of having those stamps with me, I was looking for a place to have them laminated. And thanks to my friend, Marlu, I finally had them done! Marlu brought me to that small lamination shop in a parking building in Makati where I had these stamps laminated and perforated with eyelets so I could insert yellow and white ribbons (from National Bookstore!). Why yellow and white? These are the Vatican City colors, and I thought these are the correct colors to tie the bookmarks with.
                    (The stamps cut into bookmark sizes)
              (Rollie cutting the plastic to cover the stamps)

                                (Cut, laminated, tied!)

Although I gave away a few bookmarks to friends, I saved one for myself which I'm using for the books I read. My friend Fay told me that she couldn't get over the Pope Francis bookmark I gave her because she'll be able to use it for her books (she's a member of a book club), it's about Korea (she used to live in Seoul), and it's Pope Francis!
                    (Finally, my Pope Francis bookmarks!)

On my last vacation day in the Philippines the other week, I visited the Greenbelt Church and saw the life-size Pope Francis cutout by the entrance. Too bad, I wasn't there in Manila last Thursday when he planed in from Sri Lanka, but at least he was there when I stepped into Greenbelt Church!

Last August 2014, I saw Pope Francis and attended the beautification mass he said at Gwanghwamun Square. I just hope that the weather would be okay over Manila this time when he says that Mass today. 

And from South Korea to the Philippines, my Pope Francis bookmarks and I join everyone at Luneta Park!
                (Pope Francis at the Greenbelt Church)


  1. Hello! I am so glad to come across your blog. I just wanted to ask if you know anyone that could buy those stamps for me and send them here in Manila. My boyfriend has a lot of pope souvenirs and I would love to get those for him. Im living in Quezon City. Thank you and hoping for a favorable response.:)

    1. Hi Travelkikay, I actually went to the Korea Post last week and asked if they still have those Pope Francis stamps left. I also wanted to buy more, but sadly, they told me they're all sold out since last year after the Pope left. :-(