Thursday, 29 January 2015

#ThrowbackThursday: 1968 Miss Korea

Early this week, the 2015 Miss Universe was crowned in Florida, USA. Although it was Miss Colombia who actually won the title, the netizens declared Miss Jamaica as the winner. Why? In the final Q&A, many believed that Miss Jamaica gave the best response among the five finalists. Some members of the audience on coronation night even booed the judges when Miss Jamaica was only declared 4th runner-up. You can google the video of the final Q&A of the 5 finalists and judge for yourself who gave the best answer.

Anyways, since it's #throwbackThursday, I'm posting an old photograph I saw at the newly renovated Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul. This Gymnasium is Korea's first domed sports arena, which was built in 1963 with the help of Filipino engineers. Yes, engineers from the Philippines.

The black-and-white photograph shows the winners of the Miss Korea beauty pageant held in Jangchung Gymnasium on May 29,1968. Even though the photograph is old, you can still see their features and tell that they were beautiful. I don't know why, in this generation, Korean women (and men, too!), have to resort to plastic surgery in order to please society.

Enjoy your Thursday, everyone!

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