Sunday, 22 February 2015

Fad In Seoul: Churros!

I thought it was just by chance when I saw a churros stall at the far end of the crowded Sinchon road last year. A guy was selling churros for KRW2,000 each. 

Then, as I ventured around the Itaewon and Gyeonggidan areas, I saw more churros stalls! In one corner, Street Churros was just a few steps away from 1Q84 Churros. But the former had the alley cornered, literally. There was a very long line of curious customers willing to wait for their turn. And at the far end of the main Itaewon road, there's an even bigger churros cafe with more seats, and of course, a more expensive fare.
                         (A churro in a cup of ice cream 
                             with sweetened red beans)

Myeongdong doesn't want to be left behind; there's a small churros staff right in the middle of the busy cosmetics shopping alley.

I can't remember when I had my first churros back home in the Philippines. The Spaniards must have introduced this snack to the country centuries ago. Churro is a deep-fried snack made of dough and usually dipped in hot chocolate, or sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.

In Manila, the best churros are enjoyed in Dulcinea, a restaurant serving some Spanish dishes. And last month, before I flew back to Seoul, I was treated by a friend to a breakfast of freshly-deep fried churros with a taza (Spanish for cup) of real hot, thick chocolate. Muchas gracias, Marlu!

As I sat there staring at the churros next to a small cup of pure chocolate, I reminded myself that the churros they sell here in Seoul are not as good as the ones I was about to enjoy. So, I savored and remembered each and every bite of the real churros con chocolate.

 (Dulcinea's 'churros con chocolate')

It would be months before I fly back home for some churros con chocolate. In the meantime, I have to tame my craving for churros. Or maybe this craving for churros is a good reason for a trip to Spain this year? 

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