Sunday, 15 February 2015

K-Pop Fans: Girls In A Tether Flock Together

They gather on the steps in front of the I-Park Mall at the Yongsan District in Seoul like a flock of migratory birds coming home after winter. But it's still winter in Korea, and in these freezing temperatures, they still decide to endure the elements.

Upon seeing them, I immediately know who they are. As they say, birds of a feather, flock together. Well, these girls, who are being reined in behind a tether, are a K-pop group's loyal fans: they line up hours even before the start of any concert or event, eager to get the best seats, which are usually the ones closest to the stage. 

                                   (Ready, sit, show!)

Although most K-pop events usually start in the evening, it's still early in the afternoon and these girls are already properly seated in front of a stage. I am just passing through this scene, on my way to get something to eat. I have been invited to a few K-pop concerts before, and this scene is no different. I was even impressed with those Infinite fans queuing in front of Blue Square near Hangangjin Station last summer for the K-pop boy band's concert. The concert would start in the evening but they were already in line early in the morning, and would endure the summer sun all day! What devotion!

Also last summer, I was at Incheon International Airport to catch a flight. That day, I also witnessed such earnest desire to see their favorite K-pop celebrities in person. EXO fans were screaming, taking photographs and running around the airport just to see the members of that K-pop band.

And this afternoon, I guess, is no different. It's the same love, devotion, loyalty, and everything else in between. I later learned that this is an event for the K-pop boy band, BIA4.

          (Not sure if these are cut-outs of BIA4 members)

If this is how the female fans show their loyalty, my question is: how do the male fans show their devotion for the female K-pop celebrities?

Maybe I should be on the look out for any Sistar event to find out.

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