Sunday, 1 February 2015

Thanks, Leonidas Belgian Chocolates!

       (You should drop your name card into this box, too. 
                                    Who knows?)

When I was still in Manila enjoying my Christmas vacation, I received a text message in my Korean cellphone. As I disabled my international data roaming services, I could not retrieve the message! 

But as soon as I landed in the Korean peninsula, I retrieved it and found that it was in hangeul!  And with my basic Korean, I realized that it was from Leonidas Chocolates and immediately sensed something chocolatey!

And just to be sure, I asked my friend Joonho to properly translate it for me. And the message? I won a box of chocolates!

It was from a name card I dropped into their draw box last year when I visited their Itaewon cafe to grab some chocolatey coffee. That first of a few visits actually earned me a box of chocolates. And this time, a lucky draw earned me a box full of chocolates! Again!

                       (My prize: a box full of chocolates!)

So, thank you, Leonidas Belgian Chocolates for this chocolate treat!  I'm actually here in the cafe by the long table, sipping coffee, staying warm and writing this 'thank you' note! 

Until the next visit....

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