Wednesday, 1 April 2015

April 1 is the Last Day of Cherry Blossoms in Seoul!

Last night's heavy rain in Seoul washed away most of the blooms from the cherry blossom trees, and today, April 1, we might see the last of the cherry blossoms this season because of the surprisingly windy weather since this morning. 

A few days ago, these lucky office workers in the Yeouido area were fortunate to have been able to take photographs of the blooms before they fell off. They were lucky, indeed. But I wonder if I would also be lucky enough to run to the Yeouido area after work to catch the last falling petals.

Oh well, if I wouldn't be able to today, there's always next year. 

Sigh. :-(

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  1. Kumusta friend! Yeah, I hope that you would be so lucky to go see the cherry blossoms before the fall off... they are so beautiful indeed. We only have a few in ontario and I loved it... we don't have any in Moncton (Canada) so I miss it. I wouldn't mind seeing your photographs... Ingat!