Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Cheese Ramyeon and Tuna Kimbap: Not A Yaya Meal!

Yes, my favorite duo, the cheese ramyeon and tuna kimbap are not only for the yayas.  It's also for the amo, the driver, the kusinera, the hardinero, the kapit-bahay, and the guard! 

In short, it's for everyone! And everyone will crave for these two whenever they see this picture. Just like I craved it when I passed by the kimbap restaurant in downtown Seoul as I headed to, well, I forgot where I was heading to that time. Must be the craving. Ha-ha-ha!  

So, let's forget about the whole brouhaha about 'yaya meals', and just concentrate on this meal that's perfect for everyone just wanting to enjoy the cheesy spiciness of the hot broth drowning the ramyeon on the bowl, and the bite-size slices of tuna kimbap, where the kim (edible seaweed) envelopes each roll of rice, Korean radish, spam, tuna mixed with mayonnaise and a few more ingredients that will want you to order more!


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