Friday, 3 April 2015

Good Friday In Seoul...

Unlike the observance of Lent in the Philippines, the Lenten season in South Korea is hardly felt.  I don't see any religious procession on the streets; only traffic. And nobody gets nailed on the cross somewhere on the hills; only tourists looking for colorful spring flowers and cherry blossoms.

So, what to do? 

Well, I just headed to the Myeongdong Cathedral, and prayed for world peace, and repented for all the sinful, sweet delicacies I selfishly indulged in for the past year.   

At the Cathedral, I noticed a number of Filipino tourists, which made me think that perhaps, it's their own version of international visita iglesia. I even noticed some of them were doing a via crucis

As I quietly left the Cathedral, this somber atmosphere inside the church will turn into a more joyous one in two days. I will be back there for Easter Sunday.

In the meantime, have a quiet Good Friday, everyone...

         (Myeongdong Cathedral's light and shadow at night)

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