Saturday, 18 April 2015

My Photo of the Day: Coffee For Everyone?

In Seoul, you'll always find these mobile cafes parked on the streets. And there's one in front of the War Memorial of Korea, where I got a cup of iced dutch coffee one time I was passing through. 

But luckily that day, I wasn't the only one passing through; there was a platoon of Korean soldiers passing, or rather, marching through! I just had to snap a photo as one soldier seemed to also had a craving like mine for a nice cold iced coffee. I would have offered to buy him a cup, but I wondered if the rest of the troops would also want one! Ha-ha-ha!

So, to the soldier who would have wanted that cup of coffee, in case I bump into your platoon again, I'd buy you that cup from the Dutch Coffee mobile cafe. And thanks to your platoon, we have our coffee, er, photo of the day!

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