Friday, 10 April 2015

My Tree of the Day: Cherry Blossoms!

Well, since it's spring time, and everyone seems cheerful nowadays, I am choosing these cherry blossom trees next to our office as, well, instead of photo of the day, it's the tree of the day!

For the past week, when they seemed to have fully bloomed, they capture the attention of everyone passing by. Today, I even heard an ajumma exclaiming how pretty they were.

So, as everyone else in the building has already gone for the weekend and must be preparing to enjoy the cherry blossoms at the most popular spots in Yeouido and Namsan, I'm still stuck somewhere in the building. Ha-ha-ha! 

And if you are heading out tomorrow, too. Here's another spot where you can catch the cherry blossoms at a less crowded spot in Seoul:

As it is definitely the most popular spring bloom this weekend, it's just fair to name the cherry blossoms as the tree of the week!

1 comment:

  1. would there still be cherry blossoms next week? I'll be in Korea on April 23-27.. I hope to see even a few of these beautiful flowers... Pinay here... ;-)