Monday, 20 April 2015

Photo of the Day: A Dance Split!

I have always liked taking action pictures. The last time I had so much fun taking action pictures was during the 2014 Asian Games while watching the sepak takraw matches. Those high kicks of the athletes flying above the net while keeping perfect balance upon landing were impressively captivating to watch.

And last weekend, as the bloggers of Korea Tourism Organization were treated to a performance of a dance musicale, Sa-choom, I was seated on the first row of the theater rearing to click my smartphone camera to capture some impressive dance moves.

That night, my smartphone camera (and a few dancers) didn't disappoint. This photo of one female dancer doing a split while touching the floor and with the spotlight zeroing on her, and complemented with the sexy silhouette of the lead performer facing towards the dancer was my favorite of the night! 

And if it's a favorite, it should be good enough to be the dance photo of the day!

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