Wednesday, 3 June 2015

"Anglers In The Night...."

Yes, it's supposed to be sung like Frank Sinatra's Strangers In The Night. And it would have sounded this way:

"Strangers in the night, exchanging lances, wondering in the night, what were the chances, we'd be sharing fish before the night was through...." 

I wasn't exactly sure if these were the lyrics the ajussis were singing when I spotted them along the Han River with their fishing rods and drinks.

When I strolled along the Han River during the day, I would spot one or two anglers sitting and waiting for a fish to take their bait. It seems a very relaxing hobby for these men to have fishing as a pastime amidst the hectic and stressful life in Seoul.

I have passed this way countless times, but tonight, as I was walking by their spot, I was impressed with their gear considering it was very dark with hardly no light post next to it. 

But they were well prepared. They had flashlights, bottles of beer, and their fishing rods that had a battery-operated green light at the tip! When a fish took the bait, their rod would shake and so would the green light!  A green light shaking in the dark would surely get a fisherman's attention!

I wonder what kind of fresh water fish they could get out of the Han River. But I was thinking, it's not about the quantity of fish they were after, it's the quality of time relaxing by the river, chatting with friends over beer, and enjoying a cool evening on this side of Seoul.

I wonder if I'd also catch a fish if I join them. :-)
        (The Banpo Fountain Bridge is a few minutes' walk 
                       from where the guys were fishing)

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