Monday, 15 June 2015

K-Pop War: Mamamoo 마마무 vs. MERS

I think we have an idea who'd win hands-down.

Not even this MERS scare in Seoul can stop a K-pop concert. On the news, I saw that the TVXQ concert went on at the Olympic Park. The organizers just had to take a lot of precautions in order to prevent the spread of the most notorious virus in Korea right now.

But as I was passing through the Daehangno area in Hyewha-dong yesterday en route to get the banana-cues I ordered from Junila, everyone's favorite vendor at the Filipino market, I was distracted by the cheering and screaming coming from an alley.
I had to make a detour to find out. 

It was a flash concert  of a K-pop girl group, Mamamoo, whose members were busy entertaining their fans right in under the afternoon summer sun and in the middle of the scariest viral crisis since the SARS years ago.

Although I noticed a few fans wearing masks, I was impressed that they didn't let anything prevent them from watching and lending support to their favorite K-pop group. It just shows that if there's a war between MERS and K-pop, we all know who'd win. Ha-ha-ha!
As I wrote last week, it's actually the best time to come to Korea, and those TVXQ fans and these Mamamoo 마마무 fans must have realized that life goes on in Korea just as long as you take precautions.  They weren't just letting any virus scare to come between them and the thing they enjoy most: K-pop!

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