Saturday, 6 June 2015

Memorial Day Lights in Seoul!

June 6 is Memorial Day in Korea, a day when everyone remembers the men and women in military service who died during the Korean war and other battles.

But last night, people in Seoul saw three powerful light beams coming from the Dongjak District. These lights came from the Seoul National Cemetery, where brave soldiers, heroes and martyrs are buried. I was there last year and I was impressed with the serenity of the place.

I saw the lights from my Yongsan District side of the Han River. The three beams, lighted up in commemoration of Memorial Day, represent patriotism, the veterans, and the reunification of the Korean peninsula.

When I saw the lights from the banks of the river, it reminded me of Batman's bat-signal. I thought since they were three, it was Wolverine's. Kidding aside, the three steady lights piercing through the misty Friday night sky in Seoul was a rare sight, considering you'd usually see dancing beams from powerful searchlights every now and then around the city.  

And tonight, if you're in Seoul, you may be able to see those three beams again. Just direct your sights towards the Dongjak District.  And if you see those lights, let's not forget what they represent. 

Happy Memorial Day!
(Search lights at the Seoul National Cemetery huddled together in three groups that point to three different directions, providing powerful beams seen from anywhere in Seoul. Photo credit: Korea Clickers)

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