Thursday, 2 July 2015

Namdaemun Vendor of the Day!

You have to give it to this guy. Yes, she's a 'he', the 'lady' in blue.

This MERS crisis has brought depressing conditions to the South Korea tourism industry, which mainly depended on Chinese tourists for the past couple of years. And since most tourists from China, Japan and other countries have all cancelled their flight plans to Korea, the vendors in Namdaemun and Dongdaemun markets are experiencing the worst summer in years.

So, it wasn't a surprise for me when I stumbled upon this male vendor, who decided to use the clothes he was actually selling to transform himself into an ajumma who's trying to be funny in order to attract more customers.

He actually saw me walk by and gamely posed for a photo when I held my smart phone to take his funny photo. 

Good luck to our Namdaemun Market vendor of the day! May he sell more clothes in this get-up, and may this MERS crisis blow over soon, so he doesn't have to wear other women's clothing; only his wife should. :-) 

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