Friday, 3 July 2015

The Empty Tunnel of the Day!

It felt weird when I was passing through this tunnel, whose ceiling was decorated with shiny crystals and its walls decorated with photographs of Korean actors and K-pop celebrities, who were trying to outshine both each other and the glitter of the colored crystals above.

This is the tunnel at the back entrance of the Lotte Department Store in Myeongdong, Seoul. It's also the path if you wanted to take a short-cut to the duty-free shops on the 10th and 9th floors of the building.

Before the MERS crisis, this place was always full of tourists having their photos taken with the celebrities at the background, a 'V' sign with their right hand, and their duty-free shopping bags on their left.

Today, there's nobody here. It felt weird that nobody was competing for a photo with a celebrity, and even weirder that not even Choi Jiwoo, 2PM and other K-pop celebrities (or at least their photos) could convince tourists to return to Korea and shop again.

The bright side? For now, you can have the tunnel and the celebrities all to yourself, and you'll no longer compete for the attention of the salesladies when you go shopping at the duty-free shop. Let's see when this tunnel gets crowded again.

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