Monday, 7 September 2015

Bindaetteok For Lunch, Anyone?

Hidden somewhere inside Namdaemun Market in Seoul is a small restaurant that's always full during lunch time and even more popular at night. Actually, it's not that hidden. It's just a few meters from Gate 2 of Namdaemun Market. 

This is the bindaetteok restaurant. Bindaetteok is ground mung beans and then fried in a batter to look like pancakes. Although Gwangjang Market in the Jongno District is more popular for this dish, you can always satisfy your craving if you can't go that far.

             (I told the ajumma I was coming back 
            if she corrected the spelling. Ha-ha-ha!)

On a few occasions, I ordered take-out from this restaurant when I didn't have the time to properly sit and enjoy bindaetteok on the spot. Unfortunately, when I took the bus carrying my bindaetteok, the smell of the freshly fried pancake wafted through the air-conditioned bus, which probably caused my fellow passengers to drool and to also want to hunt down which passenger was carrying the warm, ready-to-eat bindaetteok. I got home safe with my bindaetteok that day. Ha-ha-ha! 

Bindaetteok is served on a plate, sliced into squares. There are variations of bindaetteok: seafood, pork, vegetable, plain, or any other garnishings you can throw in with the ground mung beans. You also need a dip if you want it salty.

If you want to try these yourself, just look for the Gate 2 of Namdaemun Market. I'm not talking about the subway station; the Namdaemun Market has several entrances/exits around it. Look for Gate 2, and a few meters into Gate 2, on your left, you'll see a table displaying freshly fried bindaetteok. Get inside the restaurant and order from their English menu pasted on the wall. 


                            (Ready-to-enjoy bindaetteok!)

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