Wednesday, 30 September 2015

International Folk Music & Dance Concert @ National Museum of Korea's Yong Theater

As expected,  tickets were all gone in a jiffy! Being a free concert featuring dances and songs from different cultures, the International Folk Music & Dance Concert, organized by the Senior Public Diplomacy Group, was very popular among the Korean and international audiences.

The Senior Public Diplomacy Group is an organization of former diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Korea, whose main objective is to help promote and strengthen South Korea's friendships and relations with other countries. And I think tonight, they succeeded!

Dances and music from Korea, Mongolia, Brazil, USA, China, Indonesia, Cambodia and other countries were all applauded and enjoyed by the crowd.

Three of the hundreds of audience members, Insook from Seoul, Veronika from Germany, and Terri from Namibia were especially impressed with the kind of show that featured dances and music from different countries. They said they were lucky in the first place to have been able to get tickets, and even luckier to have been able to watch this kind of concert in Seoul.

Thanks to Mr. Ha-Kyung Choi, the president of the Senior Public Diplomacy Group, and to Mr. Tae-Hoon Lee of the Korea Observer, those who sat and filled the 862-seater Yong Theater of the National Museum of Korea in the Yongsan District of Seoul were treated to a Sunday night of international performances that surely helped understand each other's culture.

Looking forward to the next international concert!

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