Friday, 11 September 2015

Snacks of the Day: Red Bean Bread!

Next to that bindaetteok restaurant in Namdaemun Market is a stall that also catches your attention...and appetite!

They display several types of bread snacks on their table, and what always draws me to their display is the red bean bread, coated with white dough and then steamed. The bread looks like dumpling, but instead of some mandu filling, they squeeze in sweetened red bean paste! I guess this is the healthier version of the pat-pang, because the other pat-pang variety is a bread, deep-fried and sprinkled with white sugar.

Each pat-pang (bread filled with red bean paste) costs only KRW1,000 each. So, I usually buy...three! Ha-ha-ha! One is not always enough!

The next time you're in Namdaemun Market, do look for their stall near Gate 2, next to the bindaetteok restaurant and get one, two, or more of their bread that you can describe as your own snacks of the day!

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