Sunday, 4 October 2015

My New Favorite Korean Snack: 씨앗호떡 Ssi-at Hotteok

                 (The hotteok kiosk)

I stumbled upon this snack by accident. I was just passing through the Dongdaemun area one weekend. As I was about to cross the pedestrian lane near Exit 5 of the Dongdaemun Station (Line 4), the kiosk next to the road caught my attention.

              (The lady vendor filling up 
                 the hotteok with seeds)

Actually, it was not the kiosk that caught my attention. It was hotteok! A different kind of hotteok!

Ssi-at 씨앗 hotteok, or hotteok filled with pumpkin seeds, is unique. The one I usually buy from Namdaemun Market is filled with caramelized cinnamon and nuts. This one is filled with different kinds of seeds and sprinkled with brown sugar which means every bite is....crunchy! And filling!

       (The various seeds that go into the hotteok)

Well, upon my first bite, I decided that this ssi-at hotteok would be my new favorite snack. That's why every time I am in the Dongdaemun area, I always get a few to bring home and enjoy crunchy bite at a time. :-)

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