Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The FEU Dance Company @ The Philippine Embassy in Seoul!

It's very rare to see a Philippine dance troupe perform in Seoul. The last time I saw a performance was during one of the Philippine Independence Day celebrations. But recently, a group of locals and a few lucky Filipinos based in Korea were able to enjoy performances of Philippine dances right in the heart of Seoul.
        (The Karatong dance of Palawan Province)

Yes, geographically speaking, the Yongsan District is situated right in the middle of the city, and that's where the Philippine Embassy is located. And one cool autumn afternoon last week, we were fortunate that a famous, prize-winning dance troupe from the Philippines found time to show everyone why they won the 3rd prize at the 2015 Cheonan International Folk Dance Competition held at Cheonan City in the South Chungcheon Province from October 7 to 11 this year.
         (the Ragraksakan dance of the Kalingas 
                of Northern Luzon region)
(In the dance, the Kalinga maidens balance their labba baskets on their heads. Only with poise and perfect balance can you dance with these. Don't try this at home with your mom's celadon pots.)

The FEU (Far Eastern University) Dance Company, led by its director, Mr. Martin Lopez, and its artistic director, Mr. Edward Malagkit, entertained the crowd of Koreans and Filipinos at the parking space of the Philippine Embassy. As the folk dances required a bigger venue, the multi-purpose hall of the Embassy just wasn't be able to accommodate the formations and instruments, not to mention the pageantry and the energy!
     (The Maranaw Suite of southern Philippines)

Here's a clip of the Maranaw Suite:

So, congratulations and thanks to the FEU Dance Company for stopping by our neighborhood with your lively dances, colorful costumes and music! 

And thanks to Ambassador Raul Hernandez and Vice Consul Ella Mitra for organizing such a rare performance right in the middle of Seoul!

Sa uulitin, po!
(And they dance hip hop, too!)
             (FEU Dance Company members posing 
                         with their fans in Seoul)

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