Friday, 23 October 2015

The Unreliable iRiver USB!

In July 2015, I received a 16 giga-bite USB flash drive from the Seoul City Government as a prize. I thought it was dependable; I was wrong.

And last month, I decided to bring it along during my vacation during the chuseok (thanksgiving) holidays. But a few days before chuseok, I had to visit the iRiver customer service center in Sinchon, Seoul, to have it formatted because when I first tried to open it through my laptop, it wouldn't open. I should have treated it as a sign.

A sign of its untrustworthiness and unreliability!

The trouble started when, in the middle of my vacation in Europe, I transferred some photos and videos from my Samsung smartphone to the iRiver USB to free up memory space in my smartphone. This was the reason why I brought along the USB, to store the photos and videos I took during my vacation. 

For the first two days, I was able to transfer the files, which was less than 3 gigabytes. But on the third day, when I attached the USB to the smartphone, it couldn't read anything on the USB. F#&@%!

Then on, I didn't attempt to open the USB while I was on vacation. I only tried it again on my laptop when I got back to Seoul, but failed.

So, last week, I went back to the iRiver customer service center in Sinchon to have it checked. The female staff, who couldn't speak English, tried to open it with her computer, but told me the USB was empty and even asked me if she should re-format it! I told her I transferred a lot of photos and videos into the USB, and it should not be empty. And she wanted to re-format it?? That would have erased anything on the USB! Geez, these people have no common sense!

She then called a male staff (if I recall it right his name was Daesung Chung), who also tried to open my USB with another computer. He, too, said it was empty. I asked him to explain what could have had happened, but since his English wasn't good either, I just surrendered to the idea that all the photos and videos of my first few days of vacation were lost forever! 

So, what to do now, iRiver? I am asking you why you sell these unreliable and undependable USBs in the first place? 

You successfully ruined the memories of my vacation in Europe!

Nobody should trust iRiver products ever!

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