Saturday, 7 November 2015

The Philippine Parol @ The Seoul Lantern Exhibition

Two years back, I spotted a Philippine Christmas tree right in the middle of the Cheonggye Stream in Seoul, South Korea. It was one of the most popular lanterns of the Seoul Lantern Exhibition as couples and families wanted to pose for pictures and selfies right in front of the huge Christmas tree.

And at this year's edition of the Seoul Lantern Exhibition that's ongoing at the Cheonggye Stream, I spotted another 'parol', a Philippine Christmas lantern!

Although Christmas Day is about 6 weeks away, in the Philippines, Christmas trees and Christmas carols may be seen and heard sooner than that!

That must be a reason why, right at the Cheonggye Stream, the Philippines has a representative lantern that's up, lighted and twinkling! 
(The crowd with their umbrellas in front of the parol)

These three huge circular parols, standing on three columns decorated with green, red and yellow capiz shells forming stars and parols themselves, are one of the most popular attractions of the exhibition.

Even though it was raining last night at the opening of the Seoul Lantern Exhibition, there were still crowds pausing in front of the parols for photos and selfies.
If you're in Seoul and have time at night to drop by the Cheonggye Stream, the lanterns light up starting at 5PM every night until November 22. And the Philippine parols are installed near the Samil-gyo (Samil bridge), where there's an entrance to the exhibition.

Merry Christmas! I guess. Ha-ha-ha!

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