Sunday, 15 November 2015

Korean Snacks 튀김 : Any Day is Fry Day!

Korean fried snacks 튀김 (twi-kim) are the most popular. They're cheap, easy to eat, and easy to find!

In every other street corner, there should be a stall selling these fried delicacies. The best spot is actually next to a busy bus stop. Passengers waiting for their bus can grab a bite before they take a long ride home.  

                     (A soy sauce sprinkler!)

Some of these snacks stalls are also located next to office buildings where office people can just flock into during their break time.

             (Food stalls awaiting customers)

There are a few of these stalls near my office building, and my colleagues and I are able to try these Korean snacks during our afternoon breaks.

To a hungry person, all the items on the menu would always look good. Ha-ha-ha! And every time, I always want to try all of them!

           (My favorite pair: soondae and 
                 sliced cooked liver!)

So, when I order, I get a small plate of each just to please my tummy! After all, there's still tomorrow! Ha-ha-ha!

And in case you want to try these 
튀김 (twi-kim), you can always head off to your neighborhood corner and find one of these stalls. I bet they're open every day because any 'fry day'!
                  (Food fit for a hungry Kim)

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