Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Living in Seoul: Watch Out Before Crossing The Street!

Yes, it's always a good precaution. Before crossing the street, watch out for cars, taxis, buses and motorcycle drivers who think the traffic lights are just a suggestion. There are Korean drivers out there who just don't care about the crossing pedestrians.

I know somebody who got run over by a motorbike even as she was walking ON the sidewalk!  I also witnessed a few times cars just speeding through the pedestrian lane when it was already time for people to cross!

And I wasn't surprised to see an aftermath of an actual accident the other night near Myeongdong. The guy sitting on the road must have been a victim, while the taxi driver looked on as they waited for the police to arrive. I guess he was still lucky. 

Years ago, during my tour on Seonyudo Island in the North Jeolla Province, I was almost run over by a van! Twice that day! I then swore not to ride a bike in Korea ever! It's not worth it. 

Those Korean drivers, including the ajummas, don't seem to care about road safety. A few years back, a truck driver actually ran over a group of professional cyclists training for a race. The truck driver was said to have been watching Korean drama on his smartphone while driving, and didn't see the cyclists. Some of the cyclists died...on the spot!

I don't drive; I am happy and contented being a passenger and a pedestrian. And if I want to remain that way, I should always watch out...before crossing the street.

Stay safe, everyone!

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