Monday, 9 November 2015

The Yellow Slick Road...and Namsan!

It has been a rained out weekend. I wasn't even been able to spend a minute on the tennis court! 

After Marlu and I walked in the rain through Cheonggye Stream last Friday night to check out the Seoul lantern exhibition, we thought the weather would turn out to be better the next day. Marlu and her husband were in Seoul for a few days, and they deserved an enjoyable weather to welcome them to another Korean autumn. But sadly, the whole weekend was all about chilly temperatures and wet roads.

But as we start a new week, it's good to see this morning that the sun is out (although temporarily), the umbrellas are stowed away, and the fall colors of yellow and orange are back on center stage, brightening up the roads in my neighborhood, and Namsan, too! 

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