Friday, 29 July 2016

Toilet Humor. Literally.

Inside the subway trains in Seoul, there are seats reserved for the disabled, senior citizens, pregnant women, and moms with babies. 

And sometimes, the English translations for these seats are translated literally. I'm not really sure if it's Google translate, or someone didn't finish his English 101 syllabus.

But of all the English translations I read on Seoul subways and subway stations, this was the funniest. 

Sinyonsan Station, which happened to be in my neighborhood, closed its toilets a couple of months ago for renovation. So, when I was in the area recently, I just had to see the upgrade. 

Well, they look brighter and cleaner, but what caught my attention were these translations: 

I tried not to laugh as I walked out of the newly renovated restrooms, even as the cleaning ajumma looked at me weird as to why I was taking a photos of the new shiny signages. 

But we could no longer subdue our loud laughter as I shared the toilet joke with my friend Gail, whom I was meeting at the station.

So, to the vulnerable men and women passing through the Sinyongsan Station, you have newly renovated toilets just for you. Ha-ha-ha!

P.S. I showed the signage to my Korean friends, and even they were perplexed with the Korean version. I guess this is the station manager's version of toilet humor. :-)

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