Monday, 8 August 2016

A Pinoy At The Movies: Jason Bourne

These Jason Bourne series have always been a hit because, one, who doesn't love conspiracies? 

Two, the action scenes raise your adrenalin levels to post-triple-shot-espresso-coffee!

Three, the story brings you to multi-continental locations!

Four, these Bourne Girls (as opposed to Bond Girls) are smart and their lines actually always have sense. Ha-ha-ha!  

Five, you have a superhuman who doesn't need a cape or supernatural powers. He only needs amnesia. Ha-ha-ha!

But perhaps, the best reason behind its popularity is Matt Damon, the very likable and humble Hollywood superstar who doesn't get himself involve in scandals or tabloid stories. He is just a good actor who makes good movies!

In this latest Bourne movie, Jason, in his search for his identity, finally got bits and pieces of his memory while dodging CIA operatives and assassin's bullets. And he still thinks and moves like a trained assassin himself, even though he now survives on punching in illegal fight clubs.

Julia Stiles, who's also a very good actress, reunites with Bourne in Greece. Nicky Parsons, Stiles' character in the series, was his contact in Paris, while posing as a student. Nicky, in this installment, however, wasn't able to dodge a bullet. 

While the movie amazed us with these outrageously choreographed action scenes in Athens, Berlin, London, and finally in Las Vegas, at the end of it, were all the killing and damaged transportation equipment worth it, considering the only thing he learned in the end was that his own dad set him up to be Jason Bourne

I guess, from his point of view, it was. After all, for us to find peace of mind, don't we always need closure? Or in his case, finally knowing who his dad was and why his dad was killed. And killing his dad's assassin in Las Vegas was probably just a bonus ending. His dad's killer was played by Vincent Cassel, who, in Ocean's Thirteen, stole fake diamonds in Las Vegas. Mr. Cassel probably likes shooting in Vegas.

Last month, I saw Matt Damon and Alicia Vikander when they came to Seoul to promote this movie. Although Alicia may be an Oscar winner for The Danish Girl, she sounded like a robot in this movie with a boring presence. 

Other actresses in the Bourne series always had presence: Franka Potente, Julia Stiles, Joan Allen and Rachel Weisz. Vikander looked lifeless in this movie.

And what to do with Tommy Lee Jones? He may have been very good in The Fujitive, but here, his wrinkles were distracting and his character was missing some sinister aura, much like Robert Redford was in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Perhaps, his character would have been more interesting if it was a woman. Hmm.

I guess this is the last time we would see Matt Damon as Jason Bourne. He got his memory back and some revenge in the process. And unless he renews his soon-to-expire multiple passports, he may have a difficulty leaving the continental US, unless Jeremy Renner helps him out. If you saw Bourne Legacy, Renner was able to make passports for him and Rachel Weisz from a motel room, and both were able to fly to Manila! 

So, what's next, Jason?

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