Thursday, 27 October 2016

A Seoul Room With A View!

Yes, this view greets me every time I look out the window.

On my first look-see at the apartment months ago, I immediately told the real estate agent that I wanted the unit when I saw the view. "I'll take it." The words I'd usually hear in films.

When my friends in Seoul tell me they're moving to another apartment, my first question is always 'what's your view?'. 

So, what's my view?

The Lotte World Tower to my left, the Yongdu-dong neighborhood below, the Dongdaemun shopping area to my right and my former neighborhood: Namsan (Mt. Nam) and NSeoul Tower!

          (Lotte World Tower, the tallest 
               building in South Korea)

I didn't even know that the Cheonggye Stream Museum was just a few minutes away! I first set foot in the Museum when it opened in 2005, and one bright morning, I noticed a building with an unusual architecture. So, when I had the chance to visit it during a morning walk, I went closer and found out that it was the Cheonggye Stream Museum! I was transported back to the Museum after 11 years!
(That's the Cheonggye Stream Museum)

            (Early evening rush hour)

In the morning, the frenzy of the hectic Seoul life is animated by the buzzing of cars, vans and buses on the highway below. 

At night, the neighborhood gets quiet and finally gets to rest, and although most of the neighborhood lights dim, the colorful, twinkling lights of the Dongdaemun shopping area remain bright and awake! 

And from afar and in a moonless night, the NSeoul Tower stands in a silhouette that's still recognizable from any corner of the city and finally dims its lights as if to bid a former neighbor good-night.  

       ( neighorhood is asleep.)

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