Friday, 7 October 2016

Calling American Tourister! Your Luggage Broke Again!

I give up! 

This American Tourister's Zavis Spinner model luggage gave up on me twice already! 
(Weighing my brand new luggage in January 2016 at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in the Philippines)

January 2016: When I arrived at Incheon Airport from my flight from the Philippines, the handle of my three-day old luggage was gone! I thought it was just a case of poor handling by the airport baggage handlers.

A week later, I had no choice but to bring the damaged luggage to a Samsonite repair shop in Seoul, Korea. I had to waste time and spend money on cab fare for a supposedly new luggage!

(A new luggage with top handle missing upon arriving at Incheon International Airport)

Without its top handle, it was difficult for me to pull the luggage off from the conveyor belt! It was dangerous as I could have twisted my wrist! 
            (Waiting for the airport bus 
              with handle missing!)

Even the Korean baggage handler and the Korean driver of the airport bus were not happy when they saw that they had no top handle to hold on to! I had to apologize to them!

Weeks after that, I got the repaired luggage from the Samsonite repair shop in the Yongsan District in Seoul. Again, I had to waste time and spend cab fare to pick it up! And it was winter and I had to go out!

Fast forward, August 2016. Summer time!

I was traveling back to the Philippines, and the most disappointing thing happened again! 

I was bringing the luggage down from my apartment on my way to get a cab when that same top handle broke off again!

I was so disgusted and angry as I was just a few hours from my flight and I had no spare luggage to use! I had to make do with this broken luggage again, carrying the almost 30-kilogram weight from the pull-down handle that twisted my right wrist! And to think that I am a tennis player!   

I had to endure the inconvenience of traveling through two international airports and one domestic airport with a luggage with no top handle!  And that's just ONE-WAY!

Going back to Seoul and passing through three airports were a repeat of the torture!

Since I received no help from Samsonite in the Philippines even with messages through their Facebook page, and even from the SM Department Store in Bacolod City after personally visiting them and asking them for help, I resigned to the fact that American Tourister and Samsonite just didn't care about after-sale customer service! Once, they get your money, you're on your own!

I even lodged a complaint at the American Tourister website more than two weeks ago; I never received any response until today. 

So, I am calling American Tourister and Samsonite! What do I do with this broken luggage?

I demand an apology and a new luggage! Perhaps, some model that should not fail me again!

I am posting and tweeting this today, October 7, 2016. Let me see how fast (or slow) you'll respond.

#Disappointedcustomer #badproduct

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