Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Sit, Sip, and See: Deoksu Palace in Autumn Colors!

Autumn is the season of the year when the trees in Seoul turn to yellow, orange, and red before they fall. 

And if you want to enjoy the fall colors from the ground, you can just walk around the palace gardens and the surrounding hills and mountains. 

But if you want to enjoy the colors from above, one spot that would certainly give you a spectacular view of autumn is from the Jeong-dong Observatory!

From here, on the 13th floor of the City Hall's Seosomun Building, you can look down on Deoksu Palace while having an iced cafe mocha!

             (A spectacular view of the palace 
       while sipping iced cafe mocha!)

Yes, there's a cafĂ© at the Yeongdong Observatory, where you can sit, sip, and see! 

The view is breathtaking and probably the best view of any palace in Seoul while being bathed in beautiful fall colors!

The best time to go up there is when the trees are on their best fall colors, and during noon time when the sun is at its brightest and is bathing the palace and its gardens with a colorful glow! 

The Jeongdong Observatory is on the building left of the Deoksu Palace. Just take the cobblestone street on the left side of the palace walls, and go inside the first government building you see on your left. Once inside, enter through the right turnstile. There's an elevator going up to the 13th floor.

I hope you'll find the Jeongdong Observatory when you're in Seoul and enjoy the fantastic autumn view like I did!

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