Monday, 7 November 2016

The Neighborhood Street Painters

On my first weekend in this neighborhood, I went walking around to familiarize myself with local alleys and streets.

              (The painters are students and 
            were supervised a teacher)

And as I was turning a bend towards the busier part of the village, I was surprised to see a group of young Koreans painting the walls of some homes.

That morning, they were doing the sketches of the figures that would make this quiet alley a more interesting one. As they were just starting, I decided to drop by again later during the week to see the finished masterpiece.

A couple of days after, I deliberately passed by the alley to see for myself the finished drawings.  They were of cute pig characters painted on all the homes on that alley. 

The painters were just college students who volunteered their time and artistry to transform this corner of the neighborhood into an artsy stretch.

                    (The finished masterpieces)

So, in case you're wandering around a certain neighborhood in the Dongdaemun District in Seoul and chance upon these drawings, these were done by several teenagers who, for a day or two, were the neighborhood street painters.

I love this neighborhood!

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