Thursday, 16 February 2017

A Pinoy @ The Movies: La La Land

This is a movie about every aspiring actor's Hollywood dream. Maybe that's why it connected with a lot of Hollywood people. And it's a song and dance, too!

Emma Stone's character Mia is an aspiring actress just like ReneƩ Zellweger's character Roxy Hart in Chicago. But unlike Roxy Hart, Mia didn't have to kill anybody; she just had to fall in love with Ryan Gosling's Sebastian, a pianist also struggling to find real work in Los Angeles, or LA, short, thus LA-LA in the title, or perhaps, it's the la-la-la singing when one is in love.

The story line is pretty neat and simple: struggling boy meets struggling girl, both try to figure out how to achieve their dreams, both succeed, and they live happily ever after. Or did they?

As the most scenes were shot in Los Angeles, it reminded me of my LA visit where my fellow movie buff, Roselyn, toured me around. We had fun pretending to be struggling actors ourselves while we were driving around Hollywood, where she lives. 

La La Land is a very 'easy' movie to watch, no heavy thinking required like Chicago, as its songs were fun and life as actor seemed easy. Mia could actually get by in an expensive city by working as a barista! Hmm. That gives me an idea. Ha-ha-ha!

The last song-and-dance film that won the Oscar Best Picture was Chicago in 2002, where Catherin Zeta-Jones won best supporting actress.

Will La La Land win best picture, too? Let's sing and dance to that!

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