Thursday, 9 March 2017

A Pinoy At The Movies: Logan

This is one superhero movie that doesn't feature cars being blown up, buildings razed to the ground by a mere stare, or a whole lake turning into a tsunami. 

Logan is not your typical super hero movie because this superhero is weak, drunk and got buried in the end!

Yes, the almost 200-year old Wolverine finally got killed in the end, unless, of course, somewhere in the future, the franchise resurrects him like the way they did to Charles Xavier.

If you are expecting a display of superpowers like in the other X-Men movies, you'd be disappointed. There isn't any Storm or Cyclops here, where a lot of CGIs were required in almost every action scene. Here, the only CGI was probably every time Logan shows off his shiny andamantium blades. 

Here, an older, aged Logan wasn't as strong and had a drinking problem. He lived like an ordinary human, providing stretch limousine services and had regular customers. He was also looking after two mutants. 

His ordinary life became interesting when a nurse from a mutant-producing corporation was able to track him down and made him a babysitter for his own mutant daughter. 

And what happened to him and his daughter?

Well, that's as far as I can go. You have to watch the movie to see the journey of the father-daughter tandem. And if you think engaging the Wolverine in a hand-to-andamantium-hand combat was scary, wait till you see how ruthless his daughter could be.

Like father, like daughter, I guess.

Logan will make you think how mutants just wanted to live a 'normal' life, and with a life spent among humans, there might have been a lot of painful kills here that you wouldn't necessary see in the other X-Men movies with comic book plots.

It will also make you think how you'll react to the next X-Men movie when Logan superbly humanized an X-Man, and succeeded in offering a superhero movie without a superhero.

Go watch it!

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