Thursday, 16 March 2017

Summer Breeze....

"Summer breeze....makes me feel fine...blowing through the jasmine in my mind..."

That Seals and Crofts classic would probably also ring in your head when you're sitting comfortably by a huge fish pond in the countryside with the cool late afternoon breezes blowing around you.

This is why I enjoy being out in the countryside: the freshest air, the most serene of surroundings and the closeness to nature, where the only sounds you can hear are the birds singing and the leaves' swaying with the breeze.

In the Negros island, aside from the endless vistas of haciendas full of green sugarcane plants, the cool places where you can relax are the fish ponds, usually located far from the highway and hidden within the sugar plantations.

These fish ponds in boxes of water where thousands of fish are being grown provide a relaxing atmosphere that city folks would envy any day.

And here I am, thanks to a few titos and tita, lazily sitting on a bench right in the middle of a few quadrants of fish ponds under the blue tropical skies and with the cool, late afternoon breezes blowing from the north, and presented with a table full of barbecue, bread and a cold bottle of Coke! 
And as I take my first bite of the warm pork barbecue, we just let the summer breeze cool our spot, allowing it to waft the aroma of our merienda and "blow the jasmine of my mind".   

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