Sunday, 2 April 2017

Bot-ong Kag Tablea Tsokolate!

"Ay abaw! Kanamit guid sinâ!"

That would be a normal reaction of someone coming face-to-face with a plateful of bot-ong and a warm cup of tablea tsokolate.

Bot-ong is a Philippine delicacy made of glutinous rice that was cooked by steaming it with coconut milk while wrapped in coconut leaves. Some would sprinkle it with brown sugar, others would use latik, a sweet sauce made of grated coconut meat caramelized in brown sugar and coconut milk.

But for me, dipping a slice of bot-ong in a warm tablea tsokolate would be a yummier option: the chocolate flavor of the drink mixed with the bland, yet creamy bite of the soft, sticky rice in your mouth brings out a harmonious taste of home and culture.

"Ti, maka-on 'ta!"

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