Wednesday, 3 May 2017

A Pinoy @ The Movies: LION

Artsy films always have limited viewership and are not that widely marketed. I must have missed watching this film while I was in Seoul during its pre-Oscar season run. Thankfully, I was able to catch it weeks after the Oscars at a local cinema in Bacolod City. 

Lion reminds me of Philomena, a story of a mother's search for her lost son. Dame Judi Dench, playing Philomena, was nominated for an Academy Award in her portrayal of a real-life mother who crossed an ocean in order to find her lost son. In Lion, Dev Patel, also portraying a real-life adoptee, crossed an ocean in order to find his family in India.

Nicole Kidman was also nominated for her role as Patel's adoptive mother. Here, Kidman and her husband are an Australians couple who adopts two Indian boys instead of having their own because "there are already too many people on Earth".

As to why the movie was titled Lion, you have to watch the film.

As the film was based on a true story, Patel's journey from a lost boy in India, to his adoption in Australia, and finally his search of his family back in India was an emotional 118 minutes of superb acting.

His desire to find his lost family ended up in a discovery of who he really was as a person and as a son. Don't worry, the film has a very happy ending that is different from that of Philomena's.

And you'll also find out how important Google Earth's role figured in Patel's search for his Indian family.

Go watch the film, and download Google Earth. You'd probably want to find out where Ganesh Talai is. 

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