Saturday, 3 June 2017

From The South Pacific To My Plate: Sweetened Breadfruit!

At the local fruit market, I stumbled upon this ten-peso kolo, and I remember eating this fruit after being candied. I had to buy two!
Our neighbor, who is very good in turning simple recipes into yummy delights, volunteered to cook this kolo, or known in English as breadfruit.

She boiled the fruit, cut it into small pieces, and cooked it in coconut milk mixed with white and brown sugar. Each bite is rough, but sweet and has a creamy flavor because of the coconut milk.
(Very cheap fruits and root crops at the local market)

Kolo, or breadfruit, originated in the South Pacific, and its seeds spread around the tropics by the navigators of the 18th century.  
              (Boiled, cooked and sweetened!

I was just happy (and thankful!) and they helped bring it to the Philippine islands because after 200 years, it reached my plate!
Now, for one more bite!

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