Saturday, 22 July 2017

Iloilo City Hates Smoking!

Yes, this is what I love. A city that has balls!

I hate it when someone's cigarette smoke wafts into my territory. I had asthma, and if you saw me having an asthma attack when I was a kid, you would have thought I'd never survive. Chasing your breath EVERY SECOND with everything you had was like breathing your last. 

Although my asthma attacks were mostly caused by pollens and some strenuous activities at school, some asthma patients react violently when they inhale some second-hand cigarette smoke usually from an inconsiderate smoker nearby. When this happens, you could give him a stare; sometimes you can fan yourself while looking towards his direction. Most of the time, these would work.

But these tricks aren't needed anymore if one is in Iloilo City, a charming historic city in the middle part of the Philippines. Why? Because Iloilo City bans smoking in public! 

When I arrived at Iloilo City's pier last month, I took a cab and the driver joked that the only place one could probably smoke was at home. You can no longer smoke in the streets or any public place.

For asthma patients and people with respiratory problems, this smoking ban is good as they no longer fear walking around and not being ambushed by second-hand smoke. But for tourists and restaurant goers who smoke, this could probably be a deterrent for them to go out and have fun while smoking.

What do you think?  

Smoking is hazardous to your health, remember?

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