Saturday, 26 August 2017

Island Eating: Mango Pizza In Guimaras!

Guimaras Island in the Philippines is famous for its sweetest mangoes, and it's just 12 minutes by boat from Iloilo City. So, when we were in Iloilo City for the Dinagyang Festival, my sister and I decided to do a side trip to the Island.  

We deliberately left Iloilo City mid-morning with the plan to visit only two places in Guimaras: the Trappist Monastery for pasalubong shopping and Pitstop Restaurant for lunch. 

Upon arriving at the Jordan wharf in Guimaras, we simply hired a tricycle for P300 that would bring us around during our short visit.

The Trappist Monastery, which was just about 15 minutes by wheeled transport from the wharf, was already full of tourists when we got there. From mango-flavored biscochos, barquillos, and otap to rosaries and other religious items, the products of the Trappist Monastery were prepared by the monks and their workers. Since we got to finish our pasalubong shopping early, we were able to visit Brother Orly at the monastery. He is a Trappist monk whom I know since my childhood days. 

   (We passed this 'smallest plaza' along the way)
(Mango products galore!)

After a long chat with Brother Orly, we then headed to the popular The Pitstop Restaurant in Jordan, the provincial capital. This place gets full by noon, especially during the Dinagyang Festival when tourists (like us!) cross the Iloilo Strait for a side trip!

(The chapel of the Trappist Monastery. The land was donated by the family of Don Oscar Ledesma)

And their mango pizza didn't disappoint! The cheese, nuts, and mango slices on a crunchy crust were a unique combination of flavors we never tasted before. We have all enjoyed those pepperoni pizzas before. It's time we savored the sweet mango on a pizza!

                  (The unique mango pizza!)
                     (Our Guimaras transport)

We were full when we left the restaurant, and we had to hurry back to Iloilo City before the seas got rough. But before hopping into a motorized boat, we made sure we bought Guimaras mangoes. After all, they are the sweetest mangoes in the Philippines, and we didn't want to miss the chance to have been able to buy them right from the island where they only grow!

                       (Guimaras mangoes!)

By the time we got back to the Jordan wharf, it was mid-afternoon, the perfect time to cross. We were told that the boat trips are immediately canceled when the seas get rough due to strong winds, and this usually happens in the late afternoon.

And on our boat ride back, we carried Trappist goodies, fresh mangoes, and memories of chatting with Brother Orly and the enjoyable experience of having tasted the unique mango pizza!

Until the next Guimaras visit!

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