Thursday, 24 August 2017

Of Fruits And The Arts: Mangoes And Fernando Amorsolo

I was making my way around the priceless paintings of the National Museum of the Philippines when I stumbled upon a scene of the Philippine countryside. 

Fruit Pickers Harvesting Under The Mango Tree by Fernando Amorsolo looks just like a photographed scene during the mango season. Around the tree are young Filipinas wearing camisas and tapis, and probably sharing the day's harvest and gossip.

(Amorsolo could probably paint these, too, but he might not be able to replicate its sweetness!)

I love mangoes and this painting looks very realistic and delicious. Ha-ha-ha! It just reminds me of home and my sweet mangoes. But I know just where to get the best ones - Guimaras! 

Yes, over the years of eating mangoes, I learned how to tell which mangoes actually came from the famous Guimaras Island in the Visayan area of the Philippines. Its pulp is really sweet, succulent and has that flavor that you won't taste from mangoes grown from the other islands. That's why when your mangoes are from Guimaras Island, they're special, sweeter, and of course, more expensive!

            (Fruit Pickers Under The Mango Tree 
                      by Fernando Amorsolo)

I wonder if these ladies' mangoes are as sweet as those from Guimaras, but sweeter or not, this painting is as priceless as each bite of a perfectly ripened, sweet, pulpy Guimaras mango!

Well, we can't afford this painting, which probably costs millions. But do you know the cheapest way to enjoy the best mangoes in the Philippines?  Go to Guimaras Island during the Mango Festival in May. For Php80, you get a pass to eat all the mangoes you can within 30 minutes!

So, if you want to see the priceless paintings of the Philippine national artist, Fernando Amorsolo, you head to the National Museum of the Philippines. But if you want to enjoy the best mangoes, go to the Guimaras Island! :-)

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