Wednesday, 1 November 2017

October: The Month Of The Holy Rosary

I remember during my grade school days at Don Bosco Technical Institute in Victorias in the Philippines, the whole school would gather around the statue of the Virgin Mary next to the dormitory building and pray the Holy Rosary all together.

This was done on Fridays in the month of October, the month of the Holy Rosary. 

And this month, since I was home, I was able to participate with my mom in the parish's living rosary that was done in front of our parish church.

Of course, I had with me the rosary the kind Sister Beneditta gave to me at the Dubai International Airport. This, to me, is a very special rosary, since I was a stranger to Sister Beneditta, and yet she gave me her rosary. As I recounted in my blog about her kindness, I never saw Sister Beneditta again during our Emirates Airlines flight from Dubai to Rome. Neither did I ever see her even when our plane landed.

All my childhood years studying at Salesian schools, devotion to Mary was encouraged. That's why my classmates and I grew up knowing Mary, the Help of Christians as our Mother, who's always looking over us. 

So, were you also able to join your parish's Holy Rosary this month?

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