Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Moving out of your apartment in Seoul?

I was at my friend Marissa's apartment when her family was moving out of their gorgeous apartment in Itaewon-dong, in Seoul.

Piles of packed boxes and her hired movers from another friend, Richard's moving company, greeted me and another friend, Loren, when we decided to drop by on the apartment they would call home for one last day.

Since Seoul has tall apartment buildings, and moving furniture out of these apartments would be difficult getting them through the main door and down the elevators, the movers employ these tall, steel automatic ladders which carry boxes, furniture and appliances from a high-storey home down to the waiting truck at ground level.

And it was fun for me to watch these guys bring down Marissa's stuff, including her piano!

And these guys are good! They moved, packed and carried Marissa's stuff so efficiently and quickly! All her stuff were gone even before we were done with lunch!

So, the next time you see these hardworking Korean guys carry furniture and appliances out of somebody's apartment, or perhaps, bringing them into a new one, just think these guys have perhaps perfected the art of moving your stuff with delicate care, streamlined procedures and getting them into your new home...


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