Monday, 17 August 2009


It’s not the Pointer Sisters’ 1980’s dance song with the same title. It’s actually a martial arts show, where there is a lot of, well, jumping!

Although I never had any interest on watching this show, I was finally dragged by my friend Lena to watch it. This one is not your typical Broadway musical-type show, where actors audition for the role based on their acting abilities and on how they can memorize long lines. The actors’ qualifications for this one include expertise in Taekwondo, Wushu, Kung Fu and gymnastics. The acting comes in second. And since this is a comic performance, no acting is actually required. It’s all about slapstick movements done Kung-Fu style.
The show has four episodes, all told by the actors in martial arts movements, with no verbalization. The only sounds you hear from the stage are mostly laughter, screams, grunts, shouts and of course, sounds from the blows, tumblings and somersaults.
Since the show is not your typical Broadway-type, the stage wasn’t typical, too. The stage has a thick carpet lining as flooring, to cushion the players when they land from all the jumping and leaping on air. And can they leap! They even do tumbling runs which you only see at the gymnastics’ floor exercises. I didn’t see any double-twister ala Nadia Comaneci or a double-back flip ala Svetlana Khorkina. But these actors can do their stunts with precision worthy of a perfect 10 just the same!
Well, in case you want to catch it, I don’t want to spill out the plot, but it’s all about an eccentric family who all happens to be martial arts experts – from the grandpa, to the parents, to the daughter and even to the nerd suitor! They all display their dexterity, flexibility and lots of flat abs!

During the show, a couple of audience members will be plucked out from the crowd and join the trouble onstage. And in case they picked you, don’t be shy. Just get up from your seat and join the actors. It will be fun experience up there!

After the show, the actors are available backstage where they can sign autographs and pose with you.
Or if you want a more interesting souvenir photo, you can post in front of their giant poster outside the theater.

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