Saturday, 19 February 2011

Bumping Into Sandara Park...

Taking the Subway Line 4 on my way Myeong-dong last week, I huddled next to the seat-less corner eager to stand during the quick trip from Sinyongsan Station while reading my favorite publication.

Leaning on the wall to cushion the sways of the train, I started to read, mindless of the other passengers' chatter mostly intoned with excitement as perhaps the work week was about to end. 

I was browsing through my magazine trying to find an interesting article when another passenger caught my eye. She looked familiar, I thought. I stared at her closely. She didn't mind. And closer. She didn't object. She must be used to it. 

Could it be her? What's her name again?

It's Sandara Park!

I used to see her on Philippine television years ago, and I wasn't surprised I saw her now in a Korean subway train. 

Sandara Park. On a campaign poster on the train's wall next to where I decided to read. Happily advertising in the Seoul subway, posing and pretty as ever as I saw her last. Leaving the Philippines and embarking on a sing-and-dance career in South Korea must have been a very good decision. She and her girlband 2NE1 are everywhere!

So after finishing a few paragraphs and passing four train stations, I wrapped up my reading. And as the train slowed down at Myeong-dong Station, I walked towards the door staring back at her one last time while I continued on my journey that day.

And as the door closed behind me, Sandara continued her campaign along Seoul's subway routes while being joined by other passengers. I'm not sure when I would bump into her again, but I wish her luck, not only on her subway joyride, but also on her career and journey in South Korea. 

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