Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Good Luck, PyeongChang 2018!

Talking about the weather is usually the topic when one wants to start an awkward conversation. So when I bumped into one of my big bosses in the elevator today on my way down, he talked to me about, well, the weather! 

And since the weird weather in Gangwon Province last weekend was the big news lately, we talked about the heavy snow at the east coast....between the 21st floor and the 15th floor. Ha-ha-ha!
Although the huge snowfall caused traffic and commerce to halt in that province last weekend, it might have done some good, especially on Pyeongchang, which is located in that region and which is on its third attempt to host the Winter Olympics. Maybe the Winter Olympics inspecting team, which arrived yesterday, would think that snow won't be a supply problem for this host candidate in 2018! (Is this snowfall an omen of good news for PyeongChang? Hmm..).

I haven't been to Pyeongchang (or I may have passed by that area), but perhaps if it wins the right to host in 2018, I may have to try out its ski slopes and ovals before Olympians keep it all to themselves, just when I was able to test the Richmond Olympic Oval before the Olympic speed skaters seized the ice!
The Richmond Olympic Oval was the venue for the Vancouver Olympics' long-track speed skating events, which South Korea dominated. Thanks to friends Mar and Lyn, I was able to test the oval with Marinelle and Marc. 
I cannot forget how smooth and clear the ice was. I didn't feel like I was just skating; I was gliding!  And the arena was so impressive that the gods of Mount Olympus would not hesitate descending into Richmond, British Columbia, and not regret paying eight Canadian dollars for the admission into the oval. And to fully enjoy the place, they would need the equipment. Three dollars for the skates and $2 for the helmet. Ha-ha-ha!
So, I wish PyeongChang the best of luck in its bid for 2018. If it wins, I may find myself skating alongside the gods of Mount Olympus, enjoying the very smooth ice of the PyeongChang oval. But they may have to bring Korean won this time. For the admission, skates and the helmet. Ha-ha-ha!
Good luck, PyeongChang!

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