Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Han: Seoul's Frozen River

This has been the coldest winter I have experienced in Korea. I have been used to not wearing a scarf during the past winters, but this time, I had to and I hated it. I felt like I would get strangled by my scarf if it gets stuck between subway doors. Ha-ha-ha! Not a glamorous way to die. I could already see the headline: 
"Clumsy subway passenger strangled by own scarf... between Samgakji and Hanggangjin Stations". Ha-ha-ha! (Knock on wood!)

Going back to the cold winter.

As my bus navigates every morning through the expressway near the Han River, I, along with the other passengers, would look out the window and gaze to our left to observe the frozen river, all white and covered with blocks of ice slowly floating near its banks. This gave me an idea. What about taking a photo of the frozen river...from a higher altitude?

And which building near the Han River has the highest floor accessible to everyone? The 63 Korea Life Insurance Building!
The 63 KLI Building has a view deck on its 60th floor, and an aquarium on its basement. And for a fee, you can enjoy the view from up there. But thanks to my friend Andrew, I didn't have to pay for it. He gave me a free ticket!
So, on a holiday, I visited the building and took the elevator up to its 60th floor, the Sky Art floor, and from there, the view of a frozen city! 
I could see the snowed Nam-san, my very cold neighborhood in Yongsan-gu and of course, the frozen Han River.

Enjoy the cold photos...

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  1. Thanks for these nostalgic views of korea specially in winter when it is really cold!