Sunday, 20 February 2011

It's the Oscars....Again!

A week from now, Sunday night in Los Angeles, the 83rd Academy will give away the Oscars again. How I wish I could be there, if only to watch those big stars walking through the red carpet.

But aside from the big stars attending, all movie fans (like me) are eager to find out who wins the top awards this time, the ballots for which are being tabulated by now.

According to the official tabulators, PwC, it took seven days to count the ballots for the nominations and will take three days to count the finals ballots, which determine the final awards.

I had my own share of tabulating a couple of competitions in Manila, one of which dramatically changed a girl's life (and her family's fortune). She's a big star now and her initials include the letters 'G' and 'S'. Ha-ha-ha! (You know who?).

With the help of a computer system, my colleagues and I working backstage knew that she won before everyone else. I remember she passed right in front of us after her performance with nary an idea that she already won! I joked of congratulating her as she walked by, but that would have been a big mistake...for me! Ha-ha-ha!

As for the Oscars, it would take 1,700 person-hours for PwC to tabulate 24 top awards in a super-secret location (I wonder where in LA could that be? Hmm..). And since the introduction of the 'envelope system' in 1941, the official tabulators have stuffed about 2,575 envelopes with the names of past winners, which of course included the name of my favorite actress! Ha-ha-ha!

Too bad, I missed the Academy Awards when I dropped by the Kodak Theater that night. I missed it by a few....months! Ha-ha-ha!  But at least I was lucky to have held an exact replica of that cold, coveted (and heavy!) Oscar trophy, even without a nomination! Ha-ha-ha!
So, who's your bet to hold this Oscar trophy next Sunday night?

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